Top 10 Best Free Vpn Service 2018

Using Best VPN is a good idea if you answer my question who I mention in below?. If you are using proxy then it’s high risking because I updated proxy and socks previously and iIknow they are outdated soon. Maybe you use those proxies to access certain blocked websites.

Many school administrators blocked some website like social networking or other websites. But student wants to access those site, so what is the solution. Then answer is VPN, you need to know about VPN.

  • Are you try to access a certain website which is blocked in your country.
  • Your School blocked Social networking websites like Twitter or Facebook.
  • You need to work online anonymously.

Best VPN for Android

VPN full meaning is the virtual private network,, threw this virtual network you able to change your ip address & also access any website anonymously.

There are many paid or free VPN is present in online . But paid VPN cost is so high , do not worry because we tell you today top 10 free VPN .

free vpn

  1. Open VPN

OpenVPN is access network privately & also secure you in online. Its SSL/TLS based VPN . This open VPN is working only window & mac . If you want to use this VPN on mobile phone , android or iPad then its not working on that device.

2. TunnelBear

This is very easiest free VPN service which i use previously and many time. TunnelBear is able to give you access geo based restricted website. Its provides you ip of usa & uk. When you sign in tunnel bear account its give you 500 mb data , but if you sign in with twitter account then its give you bonus of 1GB Data. You able to use this VPN on window or Mac device.

3. Hotspot Shield – Best free VPN service in internet

HotSpot Shield is most popular or free service in internet. With the help of hotspot shield you able to secure your computer or identity theft in internet. Its launched when Hulu was launched , with the help of this many country people able to watch Hulu. I think in internet every 6 person using this Hotspot Shield.

4. Ultra VPN – best vpn service client that establishes fast and secure connections

UltraVPN is france based company who provide free VPN clients. But this company free service is limited on quota also speed is your vpn client is 500 kbps who depending on your network connection.

5. VPNBOOK – best free vpn Service in the Market

VPNBOOK is like a kid in Best VPN market which provides you PPTP & Open VPN service . OpenVPN is Romania based company & this website claimed that using our VPN is so secure. Because they do not collect any log activity and information of clients.

6. Cyber Ghost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is Germany based company who provides you with germany based iP Address. This company provides you 10 GB free data per month . cyberghost very excited because no one give you 10 GB data per month. Also paid service is very cheap .

7. VPN

packetix VPN is basically JAPAN based Service. This is actually a premium service but they also provide free service on test basis . This VPN service is very fast and trust able , you only need to install this service on your os. But its only working on windows and linux based systems.

Some Other VPN Service which is totally free of cost

  1. Security Kiss VPN
  2. Tor VPN
  3. Your Freedom VPN
  4. JAP VPN

If you know other Best VPN services? then please share with us on the comment box. All VPN service which i told you found closed then also let us know, we will update those clients.

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