Best Ways to Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment

Are you looking earn money online home without doing any investment. You try before to earn money and you got any success? , Don’t worry today post we will tell you how to earn money without investment.

There are many people who did not know anything about earning online, but now they are earning $ 200 to $2000 per month.

We will show some best way to earn money so you just need to follow my step which I will tell you this post. My this training program help you grow your online business very fast.

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Best way to Earn Money Online:-


1. Earning threw PTC Sites

If you not doing extra effort to earn money then the best way is PTC website. They will give you money click & read advertisement 20 to 30 seconds. You will able to earn money up to $200.

These all site is free you no need to doing any investment, only just need to sign up those websites.

List of the website where you able to earn threw PTC:-

  • Clixsense
  • Neobux.
  • BuxP.
  • Scarlet-Clicks.
  • GPTPlanet.
  • JillsClickCorner.
  • DonkeyMails.

2. GPT Websites 

GPT website gives you money threw fill up some online survey, watching a video, playing a game & doing some much activities.

There are many websites which provide you GPT website. But we will recommend you three websites, which list are given below.


best way to earn online from home without investment

 Earn money through Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the best way to earn money online, but you need to do some effort. If you earn money through Adsense then you need to make a blog and apply Adsense.

I wanna tell you something that many people earn money through Adsense $100 to $ 100000, it’s not joked that is reality. If you need to learn how to get adsense fast then read Get Google Adsense Approval First Chance.

 Youtube earning method 

Youtube is the best-earning method to earn money online, you just need to upload video to youtube & enable monetization in your video. But you need to follow this step:-

  1. Sign up you tube threw gmail account.
  2. Upload video to tutorial & other mobile reviews.
  3. Just enable Adsense on your videos & get earn.

Earn money threw Survey

Here you can make money by a complete small survey which takes 2 to 30 minutes. Time is depending on the requirement of the particular company.

In the survey you just need to give your best opinion & feedback in survey.No need to write anything in a survey so its also best method to earn money.

Best method Affiliate Marketing

You don’t know much people is earning money through affiliate marketing because its best method & recommend by me.

There is thousand company who provide affiliate marketing. If you want to earn money through e-commerce website then Amazon, E bay, Flip Kart, Click bank, here you can sign up and promote products. In affiliate marketing, you able to earn money threw posting link & widgets.

Become a Professional Free Lancer 

In freelancing you able to earn $200 to & $5000 per month. Now you ask what is freelancing, then we want to tell you that in freelancing you earn threw content writing, Seo, Web designing & another skill.

There are dozens of popular websites like ElanceFreelancer.inWorkNHireUpworkPeople per Hour etc. that can give you the ready platform with ready clients.


If you able skill about Seo then i am quite sure you able to earn money in thousands. Because today is every person makes a website to promote business & other things.

They want to saw their website in top, but without doing SEO they not able to reach in a top. So you provide seo those type company & earn money.

Hope my this post help you Earn Money Online if you any problem with my this tutorial then ask me in the comment section.

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