Bigg Boss 12 Contestants List Updated

A good news is coming out about the reality show Big Boss 12, a popular reality show telecast on the Colors Channel. The fans of Big Boss will be happy to hear that finally there is an official announcement regarding the show Big Boss Season 12. Actually, this time Salman Khan’s ‘Big Boss’ entry on the small screen will be a little early. According to media reports, this show may go on air on September 16, this year. For the 12th season of Big Boss, Makers has also made special plans. This time, fans may face huge changes in this season 12.

Before the beginning of “Khatron Ke Khiladi”

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Bigg Boss 12 Contestants List

The official news regarding the show has been out that the Big Boss Season 12 will go on air before the show Khatron
Ke Khiladi hosted by Rohit Shetty. After the end of the Big Boss Season 12, the show Khatron Ke Khiladi will go air at the same time on channel Colours. Although, shooting of Khatron Ke Khiladi has been taken place in the towns of Argentina. The shooting of KKK has almost over but because of the show Big Boss Season 12 the show will telecast after the end of BB.

Date Of Bigg Boss May Change

According to the news, ‘Big Boss 12‘ is in the last stage of planning. If manufacturers feel the need, they can also make some changes to the date of its on-air. By the way, this shows usually start in the middle of October to November. According to the reports, it is said that show may go on air on 16th of September this year, but if there comes any problem during the mid-week of September, then the date may be postponed too. But if everything goes smooth, the show will finally come on the screen on 16 September.

Couple’s entry in the show

This time this is a major change regarding the contestants. The couple contestants will take entry in the Big Boss Season 12. So this time couple contestants will be seen struggling to become the winner of the show.

According to the reports, the producers and directors of the show are planning to make the show more fun and entertaining than ever before. It has been reported that only one pair of genders can be seen. Gay and lesbian couples will be shortlisted too. Apart from this, an Adult Star will also be included in the show for which the name of Shani Dynamite is coming out.

Big Boss 12 is going to start very soon on the channel Colours. Fans of the Big Boss Season 12 show are also quite excited about the show. This show is well known for the controversies. Any new announcement about the day-to-day show is increasing the fancy of the fans. Looking at the promos for the show last week, it looks like this is going to be something special this time than the Big Boss every time. It is reported that this time the participants in the show are going to enter contests pairs. This time the show has also made some changes in Weekend War.

Like every time, this time Salman Khan will not be seen on TV screens during the weekend but will be able to do it in a room near the house with the help of a camera. According to the news, this time, Salman Khan’s appearance will be through a room, not on TV.

According to the report, just as the promo shows, this time Salman Khan will meet all the commentators in the classroom and there will be a screen in place of Blackboard through which Salman Khan will meet all the participants and interact with them. This major change is going to double the fun of the show. Fans are eagerly waiting for the show. And the news is that the show is going to be on air in September. However, this time this show is going to start a month earlier. Because in the earlier time the season used to start in the mid of Oct- Nov.

The new promo of the 12th season of the popular and controversial reality show “Big Boss” has been released on television. The promo of BB Season 12 has been shown where Salman Khan is acting as a Government Officer in the office of Choogalkhor Peon (Peon that gossips about one another) and Kamchor Madam (Lazy Teacher). Let the fancy of Big Boss 12 be eagerly awaited.

This time the theme of the Big Boss 12 seems little strange at the initial stage of it. But producers and directors believe that soon the fans of Big Boss Season 12 will adopt this theme with all their heart.

This new promo of ‘Big Boss 12‘ has been shared by Colors TV channel CEO Raj Nayak on his official Twitter account. In this promo, Salman Khan is seen in the check shirt as the official Babu. In this promo, Salman Khan is introducing a very weird poor pair of Choogalkhor Peon (Peon that gossips about one another) and Kamchor Madam (Lazy Teacher).

This promo of Big Boss 12 is very interesting. Looking at this promo, it can be easily judged that LGBT pairs can also come in the Big Boss. Here’s a new promo by Big Boss 12 which is being favored by fans. Producers and Directors have said that as soon as the show release time comes closer the promos of reality show Big Boss Season 12 will also be launched one by one.

Like every time this time also, the theme of this show is different. This time, entry of the contestant, weekend wars and the theme of the show is going to bring a major change to the audience. Now it is to see if the audience adopts the new changes or not. According to the reports, this time, there can be 6 celebrity pairs. At the same time, 7 common pairs have also been given place in this show. This couple can be mother-son, siblings, husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriends, wife-husband which means couples may be seen in any form.

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