Happy Independence Day 2018: SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook messages for August 15

This year we celebrate our 72 Happy Independence Day 2018. The 15th August is celebrated as the India independence day every year. We all are aware of the fact that Britishers have ruled over us or the centuries. It was no easy to get the freedom from the cruel Britishers.

Britishers made Indians face the worst situations, so many innocents died, and their families got ruined. This day is marked as the anniversary of India Independence Day.

Many great leaders have fought and died just to get us freedom, but still, in India, many people are like, they never appreciate the efforts it seems that they take their efforts for granted.

One should never forget how life would have been difficult and hard if our saviors had never fought for us. Our leaders have contributed a lot to get us free from the Britishers on 15th August 1947.


Happy Independence Day 2018 Quotes

On this day putting patriotic display pictures on social sites is not enough for us as an Indian, it’s our duty to not only respect our country but we should also feel proud for the great fighters we had once in a time.

This festival is celebrated with lots of respect not only in the Capital Delhi but also in all the parts of India. There is a public holiday every year’s 15th August.

So on the occasion of the Happy Independence Day India, here we provide you the collection of the best motivational quotes, pictures, and messages.

These wishes, greeting, quotes, and messages you can share on WhatsApp, Facebook or any other site with your family and friends.

Happy Independence Day 2018 wishes

  • Where their Independence resides, that is mine country.
  • If you are feeling the blessing the freedom, then you must show appreciation towards the efforts of our great leaders not only on the patriotic days buy every time, whenever you get chance.
  • Independence is that gift, which our freedom fighters gave us without worrying about their lives and families, so don’t you think it’s our moral duty to be a positive man in our life and show our concern towards the well being of our Country.
  • Our country sets an example of love, which breaks all the walls of hate, It’s my goodness that I got birth in this country and anything will never make me forget the fragrance of it even in the coming 7 births.

About independence day

  • It’s the day when you can feel your independence by paying the small tribute to the soldiers who live on the border, away from there family just because we can sleep without worrying about anything. Happy Independence Day
  • We should not forget the sacrifices of our Freedom fighters those helped us to get the freedom. Happy Independence Day
  • May our Indian Tiranga always fly to the great extent, warm wishes from the bottom of the heart to the near and dear ones on the grand occasion of Independence Day.
  • Thousands of people have sacrificed their lives until we got Independence on 15 August 1947. So one should take the pledge that he will never take their efforts for granted. Happy Independence Day.

Slogan on Happy Independence Day 2018

I – Incredible N- Noble D – Dazzling I – Inspiration A – Awesome Happy Independence Day.

  • Wherever I will go, I am going to carry my country’s flag with me always because I am one of the proud Indians.11. Never ask what can your country do for you, But ask yourself what can you do for your country.
  • For the sake of our Nation, thousands of people faced the worst situations of their lives, we should never forget how much they have suffered for us.


  • Freedom was not easy to get, it could not have been possible without our freedom fighters, So great legacy is not free, it has taken the blood of so many citizens. Let us celebrate it with proud. Happy Independence Day14. Some people prefer that nothing is as precious as a life full of leisure, But I consider that nothing is as precious as having the Freedom and Liberty.
  • People are really lucky who died for their nation, these are the people who are still alive in one’s mind, I salute you and your family for giving a gem like you. Happy Independence Day.16. We know how to join hands, even we know how to break hands, that the reason we admire Gandhi Ji and Chandra Shekhar Azad.
  • India is our country, we will never let India face any trouble again, if it needs then we will contribute our lives but we won’t let India get any scratch.
  • We salute our Tiranga because it is every Indian’s pride, its head will never bow down till we are alive.

Happy Independence Day 2018 Shayari SMS Quotes, Messages, Wishes

To value our country
Let’s take the pledge
we would remember the sacrifices
of our fighters to the extent of the edge. Happy Independence Day.

Dipped in love, Carried with so much care,
People of India still are not aware. Everyone should salute Our Tiranga.

Be the person who is proud as Indian,
fight against the corruption,
let the flag flew to the extent of our Nation.

Happy Independence Day Quotes 2018

Faith in our hearts,
pride in our words,
Memories in our souls,
and Freedom in our minds,
Let’s give a small tribute to the soldiers and our freedom fighters. I Love My India. Happy Independence Day.


Let us honor our great leaders,
Don’t let politics come our way,
Without the leader,s we would not have got freedom,
What they have done for us we can never ever repay. Happy Independence Day.


Other people may forget the efforts,
But never can I,

Tiranga of my Nation
may furl very high. Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day 2018 Images


Celebrate with joy Happy Independence day like a Tree.

Happy Independence Day 2018
Happy Independence Day 2018

Army Doing March in this day at Delhi red fort.

Happy Independence Day 2018
Happy Independence Day 2018

Childer also celebrate Happy Independence Day all over world and India.

  Happy Independence Day 2018We salute Indian flag the day of Independence day because it’s our prestige.

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Happy Independence Day 2018
Happy Independence Day 2018

So here were the unique quotes for Happy Independence Day 2018 you can share with your near and dear ones. Also, you can check unique messages, wishes and greetings for the other events.

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