Trick to Publish your Unpublish Facebook Instant Article

Many persons are searching nowadays on internet How to Publish your Unpublish Facebook Instant Article. But they did not get any proper way to republish Facebook Instant Article. But don’t worry today in my article I will teach you the proper way to Republish your FB Instant Article.

Why people prefer to use Facebook Instant Article, the reason is in front of you. Because they were given better CPC and revenue rather than Google Adsense.

Trick to Publish your Unpublish Facebook Instant Article

Suddenly facebook unpublish many instant articles without any reason.No one understand what happens and every publisher got so much loss because of Facebook policy change.

People are happy to use Instant Article because Facebook gives better revenue in compare of adsense. There is three type of message shown of Facebook Pages.

You’ve Lost Access to Instant Articles

1. Your articles either have the minimal readership or are not currently meeting the content policies for Instant Articles. To reapply for access, submit for review when you have at least 10 articles in your production library and have increased your traffic. Learn more

Facebook Instant Article
Facebook Instant Article

So the solution is you need to increase your are the need to increase your traffic after submit 10 new article.when you give good traffic to your article automatically submit of review button in appear.

Click on this button and wait for 3 to 5 days and you got your instant article published.

2. The second message has come in Facebook page is a Policy violation. In my view when you are posting adult or graphic violation type post then facebook stop to serving ads on an instant article.

Because nowadays Facebook is trying to strict the rules because of so many complaints. Some pages error messaging showing from Facebook is we create some Monetization eligibility standards to help the publisher how to earn from Facebook Instant Article. To regain access to instant article you need to follow my steps. You lost the access to an instant article because you violated the community standards.

Facebook Instant Article
Facebook Instant Article

So you need to delete you all post which violated the Facebook community standards and then write 10 new article. After writing the new article you need to submit for review and same procedure your instant article published again in 2 or 3 days.

Instant Article
Instant Article

In some cases, you need to wait 30 days period for again to submit a review. When 30day period end submits for review button automatically appear on your page.

3. One other method is available if you think that your facebook instant article unpublish by mistake. Which is contact the facebook team by a forum, you can submit an appeal here.


So here is the method for Publish your Unpublish Facebook Instant Article in easy steps. But remember one thing in last always follow facebook community standards for not to unpublish your facebook instant article.

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